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Facts About Truck Driver And Why It’s One Of The Most Unique Professions In The US

The trucker are known as the backbone of our economy. They do not only transport goods to different places but also help people in a lot of ways. The truck drivers are even trained to respond to accidents and offer assistance to victims.

In the United States, truck drivers are one of the most unique professions.

While there are other countries that do not have trackers and instead use trains, the United States is one of the only countries that has such an extensive network of trucks and delivery vehicles.

There are some interesting facts about this profession that make it so unique.

Truck drivers are the backbone of the US economy

Serving as the backbone of the US economy, truck drivers are vital to our country’s success. They’re the people behind some of the products we use every day, providing a livelihood for themselves and many others. Did you know that trucks transport 70% of all goods in the United States? It’s true! From groceries to furniture to clothes, there’s no doubt that truck driving is one of America’s most unique and most important professions.

Trucking companies are constantly hiring

You may also be wondering why there is such a shortage of truck drivers. The answer is that there are simply not enough drivers to fill the demand. In fact, trucking companies are constantly hiring new drivers and recruiting more each day!

Trucking companies need qualified and certified drivers who can drive safely in all types of weather conditions and terrain, so they’re willing to pay top dollar for experienced professionals who have proven themselves on the road.

Being a truck driver is an appealing career for many reasons

When you first consider becoming a truck driver, it’s hard not to be enticed by the flexible work schedule and the opportunity to travel while still earning a stable income. Truck drivers make more money than most other careers in the US, with truck drivers earning an average of $43,680 per year – Source Migway. They also get access to benefits like being able to stay in hotels during long hauls (known as “layovers”). There are many benefits for truck drivers that make this profession an appealing career choice for many people.

One of these perks is that there’s a high demand for truck drivers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be 1.8 million new jobs created between 2016 and 2026–making this one of the fastest-growing occupations in America!

It’s important to recognize that not all types of truck driving are equal – some require more training or experience than others do. For example, driving a tanker truck requires special certifications because they’re carrying hazardous materials such as gasoline or propane tanks on board as cargo; whereas flatbed sizes might vary depending upon what kind (e.g., refrigerated food) they’re transporting so those trucks need their own special licenses too!

Becoming a truck driver is a great career choice for anyone looking for a flexible position that can take them all over the country

Becoming a truck driver is a great career choice for anyone looking for a flexible position that can take them all over the country. Truck drivers are in high demand, and it is a job that does not require any special degrees or qualifications to start. While there are many requirements, such as having a clean driving record and passing drug screens and background checks, these are easily obtainable for most people.

The lifestyle of a truck driver has changed drastically from the days of driving on lonely highways by yourself. Most trucks have satellite radios and internet connections, so you can listen to your favorite music while streaming your favorite shows. You also don’t have to worry about being alone because truck stops are at every exit across America.

Truck drivers even get paid more than some other jobs that require college degrees! The national average salary for a driver is almost $50k per year with benefits included. That’s not bad considering how easy it is to get into this job field – just take some classes at your local community college or trade school!

The qualifications to become a truck driver are simple.

Anyone living in the United States over the age of 21 can apply to become a truck driver. Applicants must not have a criminal record, hold a valid driver’s license and have an excellent driving record. To obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you will be required to pass both a drug test and physical exam.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam ensures that drivers are physically fit to drive a commercial vehicle. The DOT physical consists of eye, blood pressure and urine tests, as well as general health questions that determine if a driver is healthy enough to safely operate their vehicle.

Anyone can become a truck driver with enough training and experience.

Anyone who meets the basic requirements can become a truck driver. To be considered, you need to have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. You must also be at least 21 years old.

It’s important to note that these are minimum requirements, and some companies will require more than the minimum. For example, some employers may hire applicants as young as 18 for local jobs; however, in order to drive across state lines, you have to be 21 or older.

Once you’ve gotten your license, you’ll need to pass a medical exam before starting your career as a truck driver. Certain medical conditions can prevent you from getting behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler (think epilepsy). You’ll also need to pass a drug test before being officially hired by any company.