Gifts for Truckers: A Gift Guide Truckers Want

Gifts for Truckers A Gift Guide Truckers Want

Gifts for Truckers – Want to find a gift for the trucker in your life? Everybody loves gifts, but a trucker has special needs. What do you get for the guy or gal in your life who works as hard at home as they do on the road? While these gift ideas may range from traditional to unique, we guarantee that any trucker will love what you got them!

Trucker Fun in the Cab

Traditionally, trucker driver lives have been characterized by long hours of isolation with little to do but listen to the radio and drive. However, recent technological advances have made trucks more sophisticated and opened up a world of entertainment options for boring truckers. We’ve gathered some of these options here.

  • Crank Up the Truck Radio—Trucker-friendly music stations like BOB-FM are great for keeping you entertained on a long stretch of highway. But let’s be honest: sometimes, even the best Top 40 songs lose their luster after thirty-mile markers. Consider adding an additional radio to your cab—or simply add in your iPod speakers and headphones! You’ll be able to listen to tunes you enjoy while getting some fresh air at the same time.
  • Game On—Trucking is a serious business that requires sharp attention at all times. However, there’s nothing wrong with letting off a little steam during downtime! There are some great games available that can help you pass the time during those dull moments when there’s nothing particularly exciting going on out on the road. The most popular game among truckers is Bingo (you can find bingo cards at any rest stop). In fact, it has become so popular in recent years that many companies now host bingo championships where thousands of dollars are given away as prizes!

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Something to make the truck more fun

As you probably know, there are lots of things you can give to truck drivers that will make their cabs more fun. Some of these things can also serve a functional purpose. For example, a doorstep is an accessory that allows the truck driver to get in and out of the truck easily. If you offer this gift, your trucker should be very thankful because some trucks don’t even have this feature. Window shades are another great option for people who want to make a long drive more comfortable. The shade keeps temperatures at a comfortable level so that the truck driver doesn’t have to choose between being too hot or too cold. A license plate frame is an inexpensive way to add some flair to your Truck Driver Gifts list. It’s also great for anyone who wants to personalize their vehicle with unique colors and designs. A rainbow flag would be perfect for someone who wants something eye-catching on their vehicle but isn’t looking specifically at gender-related gifts (and if they do want something gender-related—don’t worry! There’s plenty below!).

And that’s just scratching the surface! Some other ideas include:

  • Find ways to stay connected. Whether it’s texting your friends and family, playing online games with other truckers, or making a chat room while you’re stopped at rest areas, there are plenty of ways to get social while you’re on the road.
  • Bring entertainment along for the ride. If you’re driving solo and don’t want to chat, bring along some of your favorite podcasts or audiobooks so that you’ve always got something interesting to listen to. Just make sure not to distract yourself too much while operating your vehicle!
  • Keep an eye on the sky. There’s nothing quite like being on the open road beneath a beautiful sky full of stars and planets. If you’ve got a phone with a good camera (or even better, a telescope!), take advantage of your time outside
  • Stop for food at weird spots along the way. When you’re trucking in Kansas and you see a roadside attraction that advertises “The Best Meatloaf In The World,” go for it! If you can’t stop, take a picture and share your adventure with friends on social media.
  • Take music breaks. If you’re listening to music from your teen years, next time you stop try listening to a genre you’ve never listened to before, or even a song in another language that sounds beautiful but you have no idea what it means (if any).

Cool things to make truck driver life easier

Here are a few items that your trucker is going to love, because they will make life on the road a lot easier and more comfortable.

  • A Portable Air Compressor: There are so many uses for a portable air compressor. Not only can you use it to pump tires, but also blow out the dust from hard to reach places inside and outside of the truck. Your driver will be able to keep his rig in tip-top shape! Bundle up this tool with an inflator kit, so he or she can easily inflate and deflate their tires depending on weight load. This is one of those gifts for truckers that will definitely come in handy down the road. (Pun intended!)
  • A good toolkit – This might seem like an obvious item, but having a great toolkit can make all the difference when something goes wrong on the side of the road. A trucker who has the proper tools can fix almost anything that could go wrong with his rig, including changing tires, cutting metal, or repairing engines.
  • Padded seat covers – Because truckers spend so much time behind the wheel, their seats take quite a beating over their career. Seat covers can protect the seat from stains and tears, and some have extra padding for added comfort.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner – Nothing says “I care about you” like cleaning up after your loved one! A handheld vacuum cleaner will make it easy to keep your trucker’s rig clean without adding weight or taking up too much space.
  • Hands-free phone charger – When you’re driving down the highway with nowhere else to go, why not use that time to catch up on

Practical and useful items for the cab

Truck drivers are the backbone of America. Every day, they drive thousands of miles to deliver the goods that keep our country running. These heroes work long hours, often spending days on the road separated from their loved ones at home.

Truck drivers are the backbone of America. Every day, they drive thousands of miles to deliver the goods that keep our country running. These heroes work long hours, often spending days on the road separated from their loved ones at home. What can be done to make truckers’ lives easier?

According to the American Trucking Associations, there are 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the U.S.—that’s 3.5 million people who spend most of their days inside a truck cab! While most of us aren’t logging thousands of miles every day, we all know what it feels like to be stuck somewhere—whether it’s in an office or a long line at the grocery store. Truckers’ lives are pretty demanding; they should have some tools to help them out!

Here are our idea picks for practical and useful items for the cab:

  • A mini-fan: It can get HOT in there! A small fan will keep you cool while you’re parked and waiting.
  • An ice pack: Ever driven a long distance and craved something cold to drink? An ice pack will cool down your drinks (and food) while you’re on the road.
  • Travel mugs: Why not use this item as a multi-tasker? Fill it with your favorite beverage, throw in an ice pack, and enjoy!
  • A container that the trucker can fill with water beforehand and it will be able to keep it cool throughout the day
  • A planner specifically for truckers that lets them plan out their schedule
  • A container that will keep food warm and is portable
  • Small tools that are used frequently that the trucker can keep in the cab
  • An app or a tool that can give directions easier as well as find places to park for the night and fuel up

Here’s a list of cool things that truckers will love.

So, truckers like other people, need gifts too. A trucker is typically stuck for many hours at a time in their cab – and usually alone. If we can make those long stretches of boredom a little bit more bearable, then we should do it! The focus is on practical items that could be useful in the cab – Gifts for Truckers:

  • A dog seat cushion: If your dog has to ride in the cab with you, make sure they have a comfy place to sit!
  • A little trash can for the car: Keep your cab clean and tidy with this super-cute trash can.
  • A memory foam pillow: You’ll never want to drive without this pillow again—it fits perfectly behind your head as you take a nap before hitting the road again!
  • A hands-free cell phone holder: This is great for listening to music or making calls while you’re driving.
  • Anti-fatigue mat for standing in the kitchen: This is perfect for when you get back from a long day of driving and just want to make dinner on your own two feet again!
  • A portable microwave. It’s small enough to fit in their cab without taking up too much space and plugs into a car charger, so they can have hot food whenever they want it!
  • A portable coffee maker. They can skip gas station coffee forever with this little machine, which also plugs into a car charger.

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Final Thought

Last, we have an empathetic piece. There’s much to love about the trucking industry; it’s a fascinating part of our economy, employing many people along with offering different jobs for those of us who are lucky enough to have a steady job to ride the endless distances. Still, times were tough for many truck drivers in 2017, and all things come to an end. We hope this Gifts for Truckers Guide Want helps our readers find the perfect gift for their beloved truck driver or family member who is hard at work every day on that big rig. Hopefully, this list helps you as well!